Agency Operations & Maintenance Department

Stephanie Savidge

Director of Agency Operations

Stephanie started working for Kelsch Associates, Inc. in New Jersey in October 1991. Stephanie met Tom Kelsch, Jr. in 1996 and the two were married in October 1999. Prior to leaving the agency to raise their 2 sons, Stephanie worked at the agency for 10 years in multiple positions, such as Residential Aide, Relief Resident Manager, Assistant Resident Manager, Resident Manager, and Senior Program Worker.

In 2015, Stephanie returned to Kelsch Associates, Inc. in PA as a Human Resources Assistant and in 2016 became the agency's first Recreation and Event Coordinator.  In May 2022, Stephanie was promoted to Director of Agency Operations.

Stephanie organizes and hosts agency events throughout the year and also leads the Event Planning Committee; which consists of a volunteer representative from each home and meets once a month to plan and coordinate agency events.

Stephanie loves being able to interact, socialize, and have fun with the consumers and staff at the events. She also enjoys working with the maintenance team and ensuring the individuals have comfortable, well-maintained homes.


Josh McDaniel

Maintenance & Inspection Coordinator


Maintenance & Event Assistant